Thursday, May 10, 2007



I'm pleased to debut this new facet of Rosanna, and to have the opportunity (through the event of technology, which I am ever in awe of) to connect with all of you who have supported us as our company has grown and changed over the years.

In this blog, you will find entries about our ever burgeoning media exposure, information on upcoming Rosanna events, dates of gift shows I will be attending, and feature pieces on our newest collections.

However, I want this blog to be more than just a platform to promote the company. I am so thrilled about this blog because, as it is characteristic of how I approach each collection design. I have so much enthusiasm for the potential of this new "project." I envision this blog as way to connect with everyone who admires our dinnerware. I am so thrilled to have a direct pipeline to reach those who understand my philosophy and the inspriation behind the design.

My company, my business, is not strictly about business. The ideas for our collections come from so many sources- I find inspiration in my 10 year old daughter's artwork as well as in photographs I took while I was studying in Italy my junior year of college.

I see this blog as an opportunity to share with you the wisdom I've garnered about about how one leads a fulfilling life, my musings of the moment, and even a little personal history because I have a place where I can share more of myself in a less formal setting than our official website.

So, to close the first offial post, I'd like to thank you for stopping by. Please come back and visit back often. The door is always open.

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J├╝LiAnA said...


My name is Juliana, from Argentina...
This is my first blog:

pass over here!

PD: perdona el mal ingles...