Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ciao Seattle

I wanted to let everyone know that I won't be as posting as often as usual because it's the time of year that my family and I live in Italy for a month. Every year, my husband Mimmo, my children Alessandra and Francesca, and myself all travel to Italy to live in the Italian region of Umbria for one month.

This is my real vacation and one of my havens, absolute paradises in the world. I truly cherish the wonderful time we spend there. It's a chance to bring a bit of Americana to Italia.

We left last Thursday to make our way to Italy, only to endure 34 hours of travel, lost luggage, and barely making it to our hotel. But not to worry, we made it to Italy in one piece. Despite the fact that I caught a sinus bug. I wasn't feeling very well at first (hence the lack of posts) but now I'm resting and starting to feel better already.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Table Setting Contest post. The first place prize is a $200 shopping spree at Rosanna and the second place prize is a $75 shopping spree at Rosanna.



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