Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Blogs to Love

Recently, I came across a couple of really fabulous blogs that I would like to share.

The first blog that I found since I started blogging was Diva Deb's Blog (she's also got another blog that I think she might update this one more often). The kind and innovative Debi, who I found when she left the first comment I ever had on my blog. After a little investigating, not only did I think her blog was so fun but I also discovered her website. She is a Seattle based Designing Diva doing a various range of projects from speaking at events to working with companies such as Washington's Columbia Winery and Molbak's Home and Garden.

And then there is also Notes from A Cottage Industry. Another fantastic and creative woman living in the Pacific Northwest. I love her photos and it's very exciting that she's planning on opening her own e-retail store soon.

I wish these women the best of luck in their business ventures and I can't wait to discover more blogs to love!



1 comment:

Sadie Olive said...

Those are new ones to me, and so is your blog! I have shopped your store, but now I can check in on your blog too! :)