Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Passion for Fashion

A few years ago in Paris, I fell in love.

With a skirt.

Have you ever discovered an amazing new designer and bought a gorgeous piece from them, only to never find the line again?

This is exactly what happened to me when I found Marithe Francois Girbaud (pronounced JA-BOW). This designer label is created by a wife and husband team, Marithe and Francois. After seeing their line in Paris, I also discovered stores in Italy and England that carried their collections. From then on, whenever I was in Europe, I never missed a chance to acquire a new piece for my growing collection.

Because I never saw Girbaud anywhere in America, I became a devotee of their seasonal catalog. One day, as I was browsing through it, I found the address for the Girbaud store in New York City (I should have known)!

Of course, I called them immediately. A lovely woman named Laura answered the phone. We started talking right away and became quick friends. In no time, she had helped me to pick out a gorgeous coat and skirt. And the best part was that they were on SALE!

Last week, Girbaud put their line on sale, with the prices marked down by 40%.

One of the reasons why I adore this designer team is because their vision is so intelligent, beautiful, and original. Their attention to detail is excellent, ranging from unusual buttons to intricate embroidery. I also love the historical references in their collections because it lends to a playful, almost costume-like feel to their couture. Various Girbaud pieces I own remind me of Marie Antionette's ultra-feminine, full-bodied skirts, Napoleon's formal dress uniforms, and even a circus ringleader's grand overcoat with tails.

If your travels take you to New York soon, or if you live in the city, you must stop by the showroom, especially because this is a sale not to be missed!

The Girbaud Showroom
47 Wooster St.
New York City, NY

Of if you aren't able to go to Girbaud, Girbaud can come to you. Browse their collection online at

Because their site is a little tricky to navigate, find the link to "Fashion Shows" and then click on "Women's Collection." After you've found pieces that appeal to you, call Laura in New York at (212) 625-0066.

Another reason why I love Girbaud is because when I wear it, I feel exquisitely feminine and confident; the garments are beautifully designed and tailored to highlight the best parts of a woman's body.

I hope you find Girbaud as charming as I do, and I hope you find something special for yourself as well!

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hallaren said...

I have a perfect pair of Girbaud lowrider, straight leg and ankle length jeans in size 4 that I cherish and have just recently fit into AGAIN. When I opurchased them in 1984 I felt, at age 26, like I could conquer the world when I wore those jeans.

Now at 49 I am simply pleased I saved them and can fit into them.

The line has changed lots and lots and at one pont got too trendy. It appears the styling is back to "perfect and wonderful" again!

Funny how life is recalled by music and a favorite pair of jeans.