Monday, July 23, 2007


While I was shopping in Perugia during my vacation in Italy, an unusual handbag caught my eye. As I examined it, I discovered the name of the company that makes it, Momaboma.

Momaboma is a company that takes vintage magazines, old records, t-shirts, even old classroom notes and creates wallets, handbags, portfolios, and messenger bags. Maurizio is the man behind this creative company and is inspired by the idea of constantly recycling to create new products. Momaboma's tag lines of "RecycledEstEthic" and "Invert the World," make it clear that his art has a purpose- to help the environment and to turn another man's trash into treasure.

I especially love the detail on his different creations- whether it's real shoelaces on his T-Shirt handbags or his personal classroom notes- every bag is unique and feels so fresh.

It's eco-friendly with an edge.

Although these creations are not available in the U.S., you can still view his wonderful and earth friendly collections right here.


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