Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ladies' Night

Until now, many of the entries on this blog that are about leading a well rounded life have mostly touched on special meals, the cultivation of traditions, and moments of reflection. However, there is another very, very important aspect of living well that must be discussed:


Letting off steam, unwinding, loosening up, and laughter especially are all crucial components of a fulfilled and happy life. I'd like to share with you an experience of play that I had earlier this week to demonstrate what I'm speaking of.

On Monday, a dear friend and I decided to go out for a night on the town. It was just the two of us, all dressed up for a night out. We dined at a hip downtown eatery and spent the beginning of our evening sipping wine, laughing, and reminiscing about "old times" before children, high-demand careers, and the stresses of life (the ones that seem to accumulate without our noticing them). After dinner, we strolled through the Pike Place Market as the sun set on what had been a glorious early autumn day. We watched the ferries drift by, stately and regal, on the Puget Sound. It was marvelous.

We then proceeded on to see a show by Bebel Gilberto, an incredible Brazilian Bossa Nova singer. She was kittenish and sexy with that unmistakably sensual Brazilian air. Her pitch was amazing, and her use of her vocal cords was superb; all kinds of unusual sounds came out of her mouth. She was very ethereal, soulful, and mesmerizing.

Freed from the stresses of the day and uplifted by Bebel's music, we left the concert feeling happy and light. We had been renewed.

Spontaneity is a spice of life. Season yours well with it; for a rich and flavorful existence.

Live life and celebrate!

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nannykim said...

Yes--it sounds very beautiful and refreshing. Laughter is one of the best medicines and friends to share the blessings of life are something to rejoice about--my son just moved to the Seattle area this week---you make me jealous of the rich beauty.