Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rosanna's First Ever Table Setting Contest Winners

After a month of receiving entry after entry for our First Ever Table Setting Contest, we finally chose some winners. It was a difficult decision to make because every entry touched our hearts.

Our Grand Prize Winner, awarded a $200 Shopping Spree at is . . .

Tresa Nicols from Medford, Oregon!!

Tresa Nicols is part of the Lee family and is one of three women that participated in our contest. We loved the use of gold and mixing our two patterns, Kings Road and Gold Parisian Wallpaper together to create an elegant yet modern table. Tresa's use of traditional sterling flatware and simple gold banded dinnerware really set off the Rosanna designs beautifully. She created a table setting that can be used year round and is a feast for the eyes.

Great job Tresa and thank you for setting such a glamorous table.

And here a few beauty shots . . .

Our First Place Prize Winner awarded a $75 Shopping Spree at is . . .

Donna Green from Kingwood, Texas!!

Donna used so many different elements in setting her Rosanna table. She hand sewed her tablecloth, used crystal purchased when traveling in Europe, set the table with flatware that was given to her 12 years ago for her wedding, and used a silver tray that was a gift to her parents for their 25th wedding anniversary. Her creative use of the Rosanna gift box in the background was an unexpected surprise. Donna created a charming table with family history. We love the use of of heirlooms and family keepsakes in her table setting of Fleur.

Thank you Donna for bringing the old and new together on your table.

We also have some very special prizes to give away because these women really touched our hearts . . .

Our Family Spirit Award goes to . . .

Toni Wills from Washington D.C.!!

Toni touched us all with creating this sweet tea party for her birthday. We particularly enjoyed seeing men at the table. Toni captured the essence of what we strive to create at Rosanna; tableware that bring people together and create memorable traditions. And she's just started a blog, called My Mommie's Closet.

Great job Toni!

Our Award for the Best Rosanna Table for a Cause goes to . . .

Brenda Thomas from Jamaica, New York!!

Brenda designed a charming table mixing two Rosanna patterns together; Pink Tea and Epicerie. She designed this table for a great cause, the Young Women of Character, a ministry for young girls at her church. Brenda didn't know this when she chose Pink Tea but we donated a percentage of the proceeds of that collection to the Fred Hutchinson Breast Cancer Research Center. Unknowingly, our donation went hand in hand with another one of Brenda's good deeds- she raised $75 for her friend, Diana Wilson (who she dedicated this table to as well) to walk the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk.

Congratulations Brenda on a beautiful table and for giving back to the community.

Our Award for Best Garden Design using Rosanna goes to . . .

Gwendolyn Grim Johnson from Edmonds, Washington!!

A fellow Washingtonian, Gwendolyn set a table using fabulous color and imaginative table linens with beautiful vintage accessories. We love the hydranga bush in the background, it complements the yellow in the photo, it's a perfect foil for the stark white polka dot table cloth and the yellow umbrella and stools. She has a great eye for design and color.

It looks gorgeous Gwendolyn, thank you for such a great photo.

Our Award for Creative Use of Rosanna in Bringing People Together goes to . . .

Ashley Nichols-Lee, Mrs. Randal Lee, and Brooke Weldon from Medford, Oregon!!!

The Lee family was given this award for for bringing family and friends together in a fun and imaginative way. Instead of setting their tables individually, they got together to design them for this contest- We loved this idea! Not only did they design outstanding table settings, they joined together to do something creative and had a good time while doing it. We loved their sense of celebration and creativity. Each table is designed with originality and style.

Congrats to all!

As promised here are the comments and pictures of our fabulous Honorable Mentions . . .

Katherine Masci from Winchester, Massachusetts!!

Katherine set a table using our best selling Colored Chandeliers collection. She used a contrasting fabric in black with white chandeliers to make the plates pop. It is a very sweet table setting for two.

Thank you Katherine for capturing the Rosanna spirit.

Jane Wals from New York, New York!!

Jane set a colorful table for an afternoon ladies' tea party. We love her use of color and Victorian antique mirrored pedestal. Jane has limited space in her New York home but she it so well setting this table. She began collecting dishes five years ago and has the spirit of a true Rosanna collector. Jane expressed her love of NYC in her entry and we agree, her city is amazing.

Such a fun and inviting table Jane, thank you.

Michelle Bassett from Ottawa Hills, Ohio!!

Michelle used our Platinum Chandeliers and a lovely Matesse tablecloth as her base to create a sweet and charming table setting. Her use of roses, mirrored tray, and sweet cherub figurine made the table feel very Victorian and feminine. The lovely chandelier hanging over the table echoed the plate design. The precious garden outside was inviting and integrated nicely with the table setting.

Congratulations on displaying the whimsical side of Rosanna.

Susan Masci from Foxboro, Massachusetts!!

Susan chose a feminine shoe design from one of our past collections. She incoporated lovely flowers and vintage candlesticks. We loved the dainty, soft, and very girly feel of her table.

Beautiful job on letting your girly side show Susan.

Christine Lopez from Fort Lauderdale, Florida!!

Christine designed a table using our Marie Antoinette plates. She used many different elements that reflected the style of the court of Versailles; delicious pastries, a few artfully placed roses, a charming candelabra with feathers and birds, and a great bottle of French wine. We appreciate Christine's attention to detail and her desire to capture the essence of 18th century France.

Thank you for taking us to another period in time Christine.

Leslie Wray from Papillion, Nebraska!!

Leslie's unabashedly girly setting using plates from a past collection. We loved the black drinkware- a tabletop trend that is definitely taking off. I, of course, personally love the Effiel Tower.

Thank you for a fun and relaxed table Leslie.


A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and I cannot tell all of you how much each entry touched not only me but our entire office.

This was a truly pleasurable experience and thank you for being a part of it!

Warm regards,


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I love getting to see all of these creative ideas!! The tables are beautiful, what a fun way to celebrate! Please do this contest again!

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