Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanks for All!

It seems as though November snuck in the back door when I wasn't looking. As we are almost at the end of the month, I'd like to take a moment to talk about an All-American tradition that many of us will be celebrating in just a few short days.

Thanksgiving is truly a holiday for every American. Some think so because it is non-denominational but I disagree. I think Thanksgiving is for everyone because we are, as a country and people, of many different origins, ethnicities, histories, philosophies, and, most importantly for us at Rosanna, traditions. I see this holiday as an opportunity to honor all of these aforementioned ingredients that come together to make a family or a community. I encourage you to celebrate by incorporating any traditions- whether they are national, cultural, religious, or familial- into this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

In my family, this means preparing a meal that reflects our Italian origins. I season the turkey with garlic, rosemary, sage, and other herbs traditionally used in Italian cooking. And to retain the moisture and add extra flavor, I add a few pieces of good-quality prosciutto underneath the turkey's skin. We often invite extended family members and friends from Italy to join us. Their presence here is always an enriching experience for them and us. It's great for them because they become a part of a traditional "American" holiday and for us to be exposed to their culture, answer their questions, and hear about how they live their lives.

Speaking of guests brings me to my next point. For whatever reason, some of us may be unable to spend Thanksgiving with our family, those that we are related to by blood and/or that raised us. However, I think that the definition and conception of family is much more inclusive than that. Family can mean a group of people who love and support each other but may not actually be related. Groups like these can give amazing emotional support and are a great source of love. If you won't be "home" for Thanksgiving this year, find or create your own affectionate community. And if you will be home, do incorporate your heritage into your festivities in some way for an experience as rich and satisfying as your Thanksgiving meal.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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