Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Night At The Opera

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I recently took in a wonderful opera at Teatro La Scala in Milan, Italy with my husband Mimmo and daughter Francesca. In that post, I wanted to discuss some larger implications of the experience for human connection across the globe. However, I didn't mention something that is one of the most integral parts of going to the opera...getting dressed up!

Especially in Milan, operas are still high couture events. Ladies and gentlemen stroll through the lobby in evening gowns and tuxedos, glittering with jewels and dapper in their cumber-buns. Dressing myself for an occasion is an experience I cherish. But, because our opera adventure was very spur of the moment, I didn't have any of the right accessories with me. So, the afternoon before we went to La Scala, I set out on Via Manzoni, a street filled with beautiful boutiques, to find a few particular items to wear for the evening.

One accessory item that I feel is often overlooked are stockings. Wolford Boutique out of Austria makes beautiful, high-end fashion legwear, bodywear, and shapewear. Fine hosiery is not something we think of often, but a beautiful pair of stockings can add a touch of unexpected elegance to an evening ensemble. I also found a pair of sparkling costume earrings at a store called Bijoux de Paris, and a black taffeta clutch studded with Swarovski crystals that transformed my simple black dress into a perfect outfit for the Opera.

Certainly, appearance is not everything, but taking care and putting extra effort into looking special is a luxury and a joy to indulge in every now and again.

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