Saturday, April 26, 2008


Last weekend I had an irresistible urge to clean. As a result, I devoted two days to straightening, refreshing, and brightening our home.

These activities, ironing the linens, reorganizing the pantry, clearing away cobwebs, were wonderfully therapeutic. I wondered why I felt so good after accomplishing these relatively simple feats until I realized what I was doing: nesting.

"Nesting" is what we do to make our homes comfortable and happy to live in. Nesting is something I tend to always do in the springtime. A number of activities fall under this umbrella term: cooking, cleaning out the cupboards, donating unwanted things, moving the winter clothes out of your closest. Basically anything that represents a fresh start falls under this category.

I'd like to mention that nesting doesn't necessarily entail a complete overhaul. Start with small things; spring cleaning doesn't have to be top to bottom. No one has the time to take on such a project that large anyway!

I find that my whole family benefits from this seasonal ritual of mine. It's also very gratifying on a personal level to take control of my life by making my environment aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to others.

-Place bouquets of fresh flowers around the house
-Put new candles out and change your table cloth or runner to something bright and springlike
-Change out your daily dishes for a lighter set
-To add a little variety, redesign your mantle displays seasonally

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