Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dishes that are Dear to the Heart

Quite often, we receive emails from Rosanna admirers. They write that they bought dishes from us years ago, and have since broken or misplaced them. They've loved these dishes well, and want to know if we have replacements in our warehouse. I wanted to share one of the most recent messages we were sent:

Hello Rosanna,

I enjoyed reading your biography on your web site and share your passion for Bella Italia.

A few years ago, my wife purchased a coffee mug for me that was made by / for your company. The mug has the image of a post card addressed to Signore Ugo Riso in "Roma." The postmark, "23 7 35 Pesaro" is from a small village in north central Italy on the Adriatic sea named Pesaro. My family has its roots in Pesaro so this imparts a sentimental value to the mug. The mug has a capacity of about 18 ounces.

This mug was damaged during our recent move back to the United States from Portugal. I am in the Navy on active duty and was stationed is Lisbon.

I checked your web site and did not see any items resembling this mug. Is it possible that you may have any of these mugs in your warehouse? I would be interested in purchasing a quantity of these mugs.

Thank you for your assistance.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Unfortunately, the collection in question is no longer in production. However, we scoured our warehouse and were able to find some of the mugs this man asked about.

Stories like these confirm that Rosanna dishes do make a difference in people's lives. The heart and soul we try so hard to communicate with our design does come through. It's wonderful to have our product featured in fashion magazines, but it is responses like the one above that prove we're living up to our mission statement and vision for Rosanna dishes- to create traditions and becoming an integral part of peoples' lives.

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