Sunday, November 2, 2008

Forever Young: A Night in My Daughter's Dorm

As we Baby Boomers get on in years, a frantic scramble to stay young is underway. Plastic surgery, Botox, and Pilates? Forget it. Undergoing expensive cosmetic treatments and following severe health regimens is not the most effective way to get back a little of that radiant sparkle of youth. I say spend time with young people and rejuvenate your soul instead.

After a business trip in New York last weekend, I took the train to Providence, RI to visit my oldest daughter, Alessandra, a junior at Brown University. As those of you with college-age children know, part and parcel of visiting your child is feeding his or her friends at local restaurants normally out of their price range.

My daughter was directing a show, so by the time we were seated at 9:45, dinner had been transformed into drinks and light appetizers. The enthusiasm and vivacity of my daughter and her friends was a delightful breath of fresh air. Two bottles of wine later, we were all up on the dance floor. Sometimes, all it takes is a little time with a couple of twenty-somethings to help us recall the spontaneous joy of our younger days.

That night, I slept in Alessandra’s bed and she slept on the futon. I wouldn’t do it every visit, but staying in the dorm for one night was a kick. Most kids would probably be horrified at the idea of their mothers dancing with their friends and then staying in their apartment, but I’m lucky to have a daughter who has no qualms about inviting me along every now and again. She tells me this is because I’m laid back and silly around her friends, which makes them feel at ease. This leads me to believe that the generational divides between our children and us can be crossed, if only we keep ourselves loose and open.

Don’t miss out on spending time with these kids; this next generation is a wonderful one.

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