Friday, June 12, 2009

Rosanna Book Update!

You may have read in an earlier post that I'm in the process of writing a lifestyle book. The most recent exciting development? We just finished the long and detailed process of photographing everything. Now, all of the heavy legwork is done and the book will be in print as early as January 2010. I'm very excited. With this book, I attempt to outline a seasonal guide to living well with a focus on tradition, ritual and creating a soulful home. I also spend a lot of time talking about how to cultivate fulfilling relationships with our neighbors, friends and family. The book will feature absolutely stunning photography by the talented John Granen , as well as stories that demonstrate the way I incorporate tradition and rituals into my life, tips on living well and a collection of my favorite recipes, also beautifully photographed by John.

Keep reading the blog for more updates as we approach the book release by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, a division of Harry Abrams!

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Chris @ Celebrations At Home said...

Very exciting news! Looking forward to it!