Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Tablesetting Inspiration

As the famous line goes, "There's no place like home."

...and our 3rd Annual Rosanna table setting contest provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate this classic truism.

In the past year, I've noticed a renewed emphasis on creativity in home decor and the revival of treasured customs and home-based rituals. As many of you already know, this trend is one that I intuitively identify with. One day, a name to characterize this phenomenon popped into my head, without any thought at all: neo-traditionalism.

And as it just so happens, this movement to invest extra energy and care in our home environments coincides perfectly with our annual table setting contest! I say, take this opportunity as a jumping off point. Eat and entertain at home. Celebrate togetherness with beautiful design elements and delicious, home-cooked meals.

Even the UK Telegraph has caught on, devoting a lengthy article to the topic of home entertaining, complete with an entire "Recession" dinner party menu. Return of The Dinner Party

It is true what they say, that the hearth is the heart. But I also see my home as my own personal canvas for creative expression and experimentation. I hope our contest will encourage you to see this kind of opportunity in your home and help you discover the joy that comes from making your space beautiful and filling it with the warmth of others.

*painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir Luncheon of the Boating Party


Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Rosanna, the Renoir painting you feature here is my mother's absolute favorite. She loves cooking and entertaining, and finds that scene evocative of her love of gathering family & friends together. Years ago, I 'repainted' a copy of the picture for her - using the faces of all of our family members to make it truly personal. She loved it!

I had previously told Mom about your tablescape contest, knowing that she would want to enter. Now I will forward her a link to this post, because I think she may just find inspiration for her design in her own painting!

Rosanna Bowles said...


This is such a wonderful story! I'm so glad the painting hit the spot, and I look forward to seeing your mother's submission!