Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Starts

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! My apologies for staying silent so long. I’ve been very busy during these past few months preparing for the release of my new book Coming Home, which will go on sale in March (more updates on this exciting event to come.)

I’d like to talk about the new year and the opportunity for new beginnings. Renovating a living space is one of the most potent ways to wake our sluggish minds from their winter slumbers. “Home” is the space where we begin and end everyday and we often forget how much of an impact the atmosphere at home can have on our psyches.

Cleaning and rearranging our home space can help us become more dynamic and vital. It doesn’t take much. Here are some ways you can make your own small, new beginning at home:

Instead of tackling the entire kitchen, make a commitment to clean out and reorganize your refrigerator. Or your silverware drawer. Or the “junk” drawer. Or your pantry shelves. Give yourself one small project at a time that you know you can finish in one go. Afterwards, not only will your home be a better space, but you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment.

Try out a few new recipes. Refresh your repertoire by adding a handful of fresh, healthy and seasonal dishes to the rotation. For inspiration flip through your favorite cookbook or visit your favorite food blog. I love Tastespotting for the gorgeous food photography. What could be more inspiring than the pictures of delicious meals?

When it comes to decorating our living spaces once we find a place for something it usually never moves again. We might occasionally add a new item here or there, but rarely do we take items away or swap them out for something else. Designers, however, do things a little differently...rotating their décor according to the season. I’m not talking about Halloween decorations in October or Christmas lights in December. Rotating your decor can be as simple as changing the centerpiece or tablecloth on your dining room table. Maybe that means a simple, delicate runner for the spring with a vase of fresh blooms. Or a rich, heavy tablecloth for the winter. Accompanied by a pair of dramatic candlesticks, like the ones in our Dauphine line.
Or maybe you place a few special items in your foyer that correspond with the season. A pumpkin and a lantern for the fall? A big bowl of ripe fruit for the summer?

Varying our home aesthetics, even just slightly, makes a huge difference. Don’t underestimate the power of some small new things to combat the monotony of the routine.

My new book Coming Home is a great guide to seasonal, mindful living filled with more ideas like these. Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge to make a subtle change that surprises us with its big impact.


{ L } said...

I am waiting for February and have my eye on some NEW Rosanna dishes! :D

Well said about new beginnings and organizing your life! I agree completely.

Amanda said...

Wonderful tips.. I think I am going to implement some day, like tackling ONE thing instead of the whole room!