Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Discovering America - Providence, RI

I am a Europhile. I have traveled Europe since I was 16 and my professional life has been centered on my love of its culture and history. Besides my mother tongue English, I am fluent in French and Italian. My family's roots are European. I get inspiration from the great museums, such as, The Louvre in Paris. I literally swoon when I walk through, relishing every piece of art. It's easy to say that I am a bona fide lover of all things European.
Something has changed recently to shift my enthusiasm toward my beloved country, America. This year my soul has found a home on the east coast. I have discovered the anima of America.
I recently visited Providence, RI for my daughter Alessandra's graduation from Brown University. The richness and cultural history of Rhode Island is vast. On the campus of Brown there is a building that housed George Washington's troops during the revolutionary war. Across the city are remnants of history dating back to the 17th century. I see the beginning of our country and I am awe struck by the tenacity and strength of those who first made the voyage to America. There are physical reminders of the fortitude and passion the first settlers had for their new home. I am proud and humbled by what the first Americans accomplished through their sheer will to carve out a place that would be home to their dreams. I left the east coast touched by the history and spirit of perseverance.
What a wonderful discovery, the Heart of America! Next stop...Charleston, SC.



kate said...

Hey Rosanna,
its Kate from Charleston, hope you and family had a wonderful trip, we really enjoyed hosting you.
all the Best,

Rosanna Bowles said...

We loved Charelston.I am going to write about the city
in my next blog.
Thank you for all you support and help.

Rosanna Bowles said...

Kate,Thank you for your comment.We loved Charleston.We were touched by your gracious hospitality and the beauty and history of the South.
Next Blog will be on Charleston.