Thursday, September 9, 2010

Connection - Part 2

by rosanna's eldest daughter, alessandra wollner

Since writing a post on connection and faced with the challenge to make all new connections now that college is over, I've been thinking more about the other ways I make connections happen in my life. Here are 5 more ideas to bring connection to yours: 

1.    Run To Acquaint Yourself
One of my favorite ways to connect to a new place, whether I’m just passing through or settling in for the long haul, is to go on a run. I see more on foot than when I’m driving a car, and by running I also get to cover more ground. If you’re not a runner, bikes work well too.

2.    Pick Foliage
Autumn leaves or spring blossoms, I avail myself of what nature has to offer, regardless of the season. Having a little bit of what’s going on outside in my living space inside helps me stay connected to what’s going on in the natural world.

3.    Runner Buddies
Often when I make a new friend, one of the first things I do is go on a run with that person. If you don’t share my taste for running partners or running at all, that’s OK. The idea is to do something active and out of the ordinary with a new friend. Instead of starting a friendship by getting coffee, maybe you take a hike, or even just go on a walk. This is also a good activity for love interests.

4.    Meet Your Neighbors
This is another thing that makes me feel part of my immediate surroundings. And there’s always a potential new friend in the deal. A new family just moved in next door to a friend. When she heard them having dinner outside in their backyard, she grabbed a bottle of wine and headed over to welcome them to the neighborhood. Her pluck inspired me to do the same next time I have a new neighbor.

5.    Make A Friend Connection
Uniting two important people from my life is one of my favorite things. I find it so gratifying when I have the opportunity to introduce two people I think are equally wonderful to each other. Usually I keep it simple:

“Claire this is Will. Will this is Claire. You’re both great. Love each other,” and leave it at that.

Just kidding. I often find myself facilitating new friend connections over a good meal. Last year, I threw a dinner party for all the English majors writing a Creative Non Fiction thesis. The guests had spent the last four years of their lives in classes together, but never gotten to know each other. We had a blast. That was one of my prouder moments. Whenever I set up meals like this, I always make sure to include a splash of something alcoholic for good measure—mimosas for brunch, wine for lunch or dinner. A little social lubricant never hurts.

 A sunset run up to the Merenid Tombs overlooking the city of Fes with Katrin, an old friend, and Justin, a new friend.

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