Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Arts

The poet Gary Snyder defined my first passion—art—as “an assimilator of unfelt experience, sensation, and memory for the whole society.”  The arts are a crucial part of any well-rounded education. They connect us with our human past, present, and future.

Encounters with the arts of any kind give me immense satisfaction. The most fulfilling work I’ve done for Rosanna Inc. has involved designing projects for arts organizations, including the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle and Metropolitan Museum of Art and Met Opera in New York.

These projects require me to draw on material I learned as a student, but also to research genres about which I know only a little. Since we began working with the Met, my knowledge of opera has grown incredibly. Through our work with the Met Museum, I’ve developed an appreciation for art from the ancient Chinese Qing Dynasty, a delightful surprise.

Because the products we’ve designed specially for these arts institutions don’t appear on the Rosanna Inc. website, I’m providing links here to share this work with you.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Qing Famille Rose Teapot
Qing Famille Rose Dessert Plates
Qing Famille Rose Mugs

The Met Opera
Evening at the Opera Plates
Carmen Mug
Rigoletto Libretto Mug
La Traviata Paperweight
Limited Edition Muse Collector's Plate

The Muse Collector’s Plate has also been featured in Gotham Magazine, below.


Anonymous said...

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IraMency said...

Simply lovely, the Carmen mugs are my favorite!