Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thank You, Kathy Schultz!

Kathy Schultz, the brilliant writer over at NW Source has done all of us at Rosanna Inc. a great favor by writing in her blog about our upcoming Warehouse Sale that's taking place this Friday.

In her article, titled "Fishing for Dishes," she gives great detail about the finds at our sale. As I previously in an earlier post, there will be antiques, vintage finds, and, of course, Rosanna products at wholesale prices. You can see the whole article here.

Thank you to Kathy for a fabulous and well written article, and for supporting Rosanna with such enthusiasm.


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DivaDeb said...

Rosanna, thank you for your sweet comments on my blog...I really AM excited about your sale! And I absolutely LOVE that you are 'The Dinnerware Designing Diva'!!!!

- from 'The Display & Decorating Diva', Deb Kennedy