Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The World Is My Muse

Exciting news! We're in today's edition of the New York Times! Pick up a copy and flip to the Business Section to see a piece about the inspiration that strikes during travel. In the article I specifically talk about our Les Bijoux collection which was inspired by my trips to Paris flea markets. The vintage jewelry I saw there did spur me to create this collection, but the truth is all of our collections are inspired by my travels around the world.

Our Dauphine candlesticks, which have appeared at W Hotel in New York and Urban Outfitters, were inspired by Versailles and the court of Marie Antoinette. Before she became queen of France, Marie carried the title "Dauphine." This classically baroque collection was created with the period of Marie Antoinette's reign in mind.

Darjeeling is a collection inspired by the beautiful textiles of India. The gorgeous cashmere scarves, heavily embroidered and decorated with traditional East Indian motifs like paisley, were the jumping off point for this vibrant collection.

The Beach Cottage line is the result of my many trips to the antique markets in London where English transferware is in abundance. I particularly love the time-faded colors of the Asiatica pattern from the Victorian era. The several hues of blue we used in Beach Cottage to represent the passage of time were inspired by the weathered look of the Asiatica pieces I've found over the years.

The photo montage of the Caffe Italia pattern are collections of actual photographs I took in twenty different cafes in Northern Italy last year. This line is my own representation of the Italian cafe experience.

Pasta Italiana is another line derived from my time in Italy. It is most directly associated with the summer month we spend in Italy every year, the delicious food we cook with fresh ingredients, and the irreplaceable ambiance of the Italian countryside.

These examples illustrate just a few of the places I've found inspiration for our dishes. Each line in our collection has its own story and history. Everywhere I go, there are ideas for new collections waiting to be found. I always endeavor to look at the world through fresh eyes and see the hidden prospects waiting to be discovered there.

1. During your travels, observe the culture that surrounds you and take a bit of your travel experience back home with you.

2. Travel expands our horizons and sheds new light on our daily experience. Whether you apply this new realization in your personal lifestyle, business dealings, or daily interactions, it brings a richness that enhances your quality of life. Draw upon it to break out of your staid routines.

3. We are all globally connected now, and being open to other cultures is a very important part of today's world. Fostering tolerance and embracing all types of beauty allows us to better appreciate all different ways of living.

Bon Voyage, wherever your travels may take you,



karey m. said...

lovelovelove your shop and blog.

so i had to sk*rt it!


all the best!

Rosanna Bowles said...

Hi Karey,

Thank you so much for the nod! You're right on the nose -- picking out our new birthday collection. Keep your eyes open because thats the topic of the next post!