Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

Since the release of Coming Home I’ve been on an extended adventure around the country known as a book tour.

Though I’ve done many “dish signings” and public meet-and-greet events, I’ve come to realize that book signings are something special. It’s been a surprising and gratifying experience. I am touched when people approach me to tell me how the book has touched their lives, inspired them, and how they used the suggestions inside to make their lives more satisfying

I’ve been consistently delighted to bump into people from my past at these events. At one book signing I reconnected with a woman I knew as a toddler and young child in Portland, OR. I love these moments of unexpected connection with people after many years of silence, in some case 50-plus.

I am most proud of Coming Home for its ability to serve as a point of reconnection. It is a wonderful gift to rediscover people I never would have seen again had I not written this book.


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